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Urban Infiltrations Volunteer House - ISTANBUL

Urban Infiltrations Project / Aybuke Gundas

Project: Urban Infiltrations (Volunteer House)

Location: Yeldeğirmeni, Istanbul (Turkey)

Type: Architecture Graduation Project

Designed By: Aybuke Gundas @archi.d.spaces

Materials Used: wood, perforated steel, glass curtain walls

The volunteer house located in Yeldeğirmeni is a social center actively used by the neighborhood. The aim of this project was to redesign the space in the most effective way considering the needs of the user. The project was formed under the title of ‘Urban Infiltrations’. Approaches to be considered as ‘infiltrations’ in this project are; industrial steel constructions that leak into the historical fabric, artworks leaked to the space of the neighborhood, balcony leaking from inside to outside, the user leaking into the backyard.

In the light of my analysis, I have seen that Yeldeğirmeni’s neighborhood ties were very strong but these ties are broken now. The aim is to increase the communication, interaction and encounters on the basis of both spatial and user relations, as in the past. In this way, neighborhood bonds that have begun to polarized will increase. It was aimed to actively use these mezzanines as well as to increase the relationship with other floors. Backyard gardens in almost all district planning of Kadikoy were also included in the scenario for the re-implementation of this scenario.

Urban Infiltrations Demographic analysisUrban Infiltrations Rasimpasa volunteer house

Urban Infiltrations plansUrban Infiltrations plans

Urban Infiltrations elevation sectionUrban Infiltrations sectionUrban Infiltrations section

Urban Infiltrations viewUrban Infiltrations interior viewsUrban Infiltrations istanbul turkey

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