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The House by the Sea Project, designed by Lavinia Aroșculesei, proposes to arrange a house

Project: Invasion (Mixed-Use Development) Location: Abu Dhabi Type: Architecture Graduation Project Designed By: Esraa Abu El Rub @_esso96 Invasion is

(A)symmetric City or PROJEKT MIASTA (A)SYMETRYCZNEGO The project shows the concept of an (a)symmetric city. It

Rehabilitation Centre for Street Children Project Type - Architectural Thesis Designed by - Sanya Jain Project Brief – This

All About Colors Colors have the power to affect our perception of the spaces around us.

Project: Marble Palace Location: Ukraine Type: Recreation Center Designed By: GAB Architects - Alina Gubar @Alina Gubar / Sergii Gubar @Sergubar Materials

Project: Asgard Buhta Houses Location: Buhta Vikingiv, Ukraine Type: Residential Project Designed By: GAB Architects - Alina Gubar @Alina Gubar /

Project: Urban Infiltrations (Volunteer House) Location: Yeldeğirmeni, Istanbul (Turkey) Type: Architecture Graduation Project Designed By: Aybuke Gundas @archi.d.spaces Materials Used: wood,

Project: Rural Manor (Floral Centre) Location: Abu Dhabi Type: Architecture Student Project Designed By: Teona Tuzbaya @teona_tuzbaya_ The Rural Manor is