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Mobius Tapes public spaces of city

Mobius Tapes / Cristian David + Diego Leonardo

Project: Public Spaces of the City with Mobius Tapes

Category: Urban Design

Type: “Is Arch” Ideas competition Finalist Project

Designed By: Cristian David Quintana and Diego Leonardo Jara Cifuentes (Bogotá)

From Mobius Tapes, we want to find the man with the underground world, which is located at the point of transition between the surface, with the start point of the environmental axis; which currently represents the San Francisco or Vicachà river course. These tapes are interlaced to train internal travels producing atmospheres (scenarios) those who communicate through this circulation.

Public Spaces of the City with Mobius Tapes cross sectionThe activities rescuing the importance of the memory of the place and complement the tourist use and the high demand for green zones of the center of the city. Giving thus the opportunity to achieve panoramic connection on a point of hills in the project’s remote. This way becomes a focus of development for the city that saves the identity and appropriation for space, by their visitors.

View of Mobius Tapes and landscape

Concept of Public Spaces of the City with Mobius Tapes

Public Spaces of the City with Mobius Tapes

Diego Leonardo Jara Cifuentes & Cristian David QuintanaDiego Leonardo Jara Cifuentes & Cristian David Quintana

(Architecture Students of the University The Great Colombia of Bogotá)

They participated in the IS ARCH Ideas Contest in its fifth edition, having obtained an expectant place among the finalists, among the only two proposals from Colombia and the first and only private university within 200 proposals from different countries.

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