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Neighbourhood Living Facility

Neighbourhood Living Facility / DongHwa Kim

Project: Neighbourhood Living Facility (Korea)Site Concept

Type: Architecture Student Project

Theme: Plants

Designed By: DongHwa Kim

The site is Lee Chun-dong, Daegu, Korea. This place has many stairs and many old houses due to its steepness. The design is of a neighbourhood living facility and the theme is of plants. The goal is to revitalize the neighbourhood by bringing young people in.

The small steps on the site are steep and narrow, even though they are on their way across Seobong (Jeol), so people don’t use them very well.

I designed the space to attract people’s attention to nature and plants, and to completely transform the image of a small staircase.

So, the program included an exhibition hall and an experience center about plants, and the rooftop garden was available along with an outdoor stairway.

The outer coating material used marble to remind people of the famous pottery in Icheon-dong.

Neighbourhood Living elevation
Neighbourhood Living Concept
Neighbourhood Living Facility plants
Plants Art MuseumLee Chun Dong Section


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