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The House by the Sea Project, designed by Lavinia Aroșculesei, proposes to arrange a house

(A)symmetric City or PROJEKT MIASTA (A)SYMETRYCZNEGO The project shows the concept of an (a)symmetric city. It

Volume Zero, an international architecture and design magazine, has announced winners for its ‘MicroHousing Architecture

Alternative Architecture, the non-conventional practice of architecture that digs deep into mud, tire and various

Project: Public Spaces of the City with Mobius Tapes Category: Urban Design Type: "Is Arch" Ideas competition Finalist Project Designed

Padma Shri Achyut Purushottam Kanvinde Introduction Padma Shri Achyut P. Kanvinde is a quite known name in

Louis Sullivan - "Father of Modernism" Louis Henry Sullivan was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1856.

Registration Deadline : 13 Sep, 2018 Submission Deadline : 18 Sep, 2018 Prize : £20,000 Eligibility : Open

Submission Deadline : 07 Sep, 2018 Prize : Monetary Award Eligibility : Students

Registration Deadline : 30 Oct, 2018 Submission Deadline : 31 Oct, 2018 Prize : Monetary Award Eligibility :