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Art Gallery Architectural Design Project by Bhaswati Sarkar

Art Gallery Design Project / Bhaswati Sarkar

Project: Art Gallery Design (Kolkata)Art Gallery Site Plan

Type: 4th Semester Architecture Student Project

Designed By: Bhaswati Sarkar

Art Gallery Design Brief

Site is located at Park Street, Kolkata and facing Kyd street with full of history and landmark like Indian Museum. The area is full of art galleries, so this gallery had to be unique and so that it could easily connect with the people emotionally.

My design concept is based on “Journey of Kolkata, from Calcutta to the City of Joy”. The site has an existing huge pond at the center. Job Charnock founded the Kolkata by connecting three villages named ‘Kalikat’,’Gobindapur’ and ‘Sutanati’.

Keeping in mind I designed my space using three main building – two of them are in the front that is Southside facing the Kyd street, and the other is on the north side of the pond visually connecting the former buildings. The site itself represents Kolkata and the pond represents ‘Time’. The three major buildings represent those three villages. The front buildings are on either side of the entrance plaza from where one can visually connect with the other building and get the reflection in the pond. Those buildings are connected with a floating corridor at the 1st-floor level and supported with a mushroom column to give a grand and striking feeling.

Art Gallery Site ModelThese buildings consist of –

  • Administration and shop of artifacts( ground)
  • Conference and Audio Visual room (1st fl.)
  • Library and Auction hall (2nd)

The 3rd building consists of –

  • 6 gallery
  • 1 grand gallery (with partitions can be used for different exhibition simultaneously)
  • Semi open-air theatre (200 people).

The other structures in the site are an informal activity area, Open-air exhibition area, Artist pavilion, and Cafeteria. The meandering pathways and the undulation indicates the ups and down in Kolkata during the British Period. The cafeteria celebrates our liberty.

Art Gallery Floor PlanssArt Gallery DetailsArt Gallery Views

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