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energy efficient home design ideas

Energy Efficient Home Design Ideas to Get Inspiration From

Best Energy Efficient Buildings Design Ideas

Whether you’re building your first home or you’re designing a commercial building, energy efficiency is a huge must for all architectural designs. It not only gives the building a sustainable design, it also offers value to your clients. You’ll discover that most homeowners and business owners want to save time, money, and energy in the building process. There are many types of energy efficient home ideas that can help you to offer a great solidly built, efficient home to your clients.

Check out some of the material options you’ll have to choose from and provide your clients with a top-quality energy-efficient residence.

Eco-Friendly Energy Efficient Home Siding Materials

The outside of the home is one of the first things your client and their visitors will notice. They not only want their siding to be beautiful, they also want it to be eco-friendly as well. When it comes to siding homes, there are several options to choose from. You can select wood siding that will be easy to maintain and look great in any design you choose. Metal siding is another great option that adds a variety of design choices to the home. There’s also stucco which is a popular finish and is quite eco-friendly as well. Some options such as steel log siding give the look of a log type finish without the hassle that comes from real wood.

ICF Homes

energy efficient ICF homesAnother rising trend in the home design business is that of the ICF homes. ICF stands for insulated concrete form home. There are many benefits to this new trend of home design including an improved fire safety for the whole house. It provides a barrier to the outside elements so that the home is more energy efficient. It is made to reduce noise in the home and it is also safe in hurricane-force winds.

 Log Homes

energy efficient home - log homesWhile you may not think that log homes are efficient, you can design them with certain materials that will make them more efficient than ever before. Log homes can use the steel log siding option to give the look of a log cabin without the inefficiency of real wood. You can add other touches to log homes such as solar panels, LED lighting, new windows, and a smart thermostat to give the home more efficiency. Those clients that want the log home look can do so easily without sacrificing their efficiency.

Solar Power Homesenergy efficient solar panel home

Using solar power is a great way to amp up the energy efficiency of a home. This allows you to harness the energy from the sun instead of using electricity that will cost you an arm and a leg depending on the season. In winter, for example, you can use solar energy to heat your home instead of depending on natural gas or the furnace. The solar panels are useful in reducing your energy bill and helping you save possibly hundreds of dollars each year.

Engineered Flooring

This type of flooring gives the look of traditional hardwood but is a better option in several cases. Engineered wood has a veneer coating on top of the flooring and a plywood center core that offers support. This flooring is a great option for high traffic areas and for commercial businesses as well as homes. It is also more affordable than solid wood flooring while giving you a distinct look.

energy efficient home engineered flooringThese are just a few of the energy efficient home design options you can offer your clients in the future. Be sure to stay updated by learning the options and trends as they do change from time to time.

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