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innovative architectural design

Innovative Architectural Design Trends Towards Sustainability

As an architectural student, you’re most likely learning a great variety of tips and tricks to help you become successful when graduation is over. However, there are some ideas to explore now that will not only help you become successful but also assist you in making sure to limit your and your client’s impact on the environment around them. Innovations in architectural design trends is need of the hour.

Trends are always changing in media, social gatherings, and architecture is no different. You’ll find a variety of architecture trends that have come and gone over the past years. One new trend that shows no sign of stopping is finding sustainable architecture materials. This helps you to not only have a classic design but also preserve the environment and reduce the energy footprint left behind. Here are a few of the sustainable design options out on the market these days.

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Eco friendly building materials - innovative architectural designIt is important that when you’re building a project that you try to find eco-friendly building materials to offer your clients. Most people these days are very conscious of what they want in their home or office, and eco-friendly is at the top of the list. You may find many material options in the market such as fiber cement house siding and reclaimed lumber. There’s also steel log siding that offers a unique look to the home without the added frustrations that traditional real-wood siding can bring. Recycled metal is another great eco-friendly material that helps reduce waste at the landfill while giving you sturdy material options to design with.

Wide Open Rooftop Decks and Terraces

Innovative architectural design trends - Open rooftop decksAnother great trend is an open deck on the roof or terrace. People generally love to spend relaxing time outdoors with family and friends. They strike up the BBQ grill, listen to their favorite music and share stories as they enjoy the company of their close friends. A new trend that is rising in the ranks is rooftop decking. This eliminates the need for an extra area behind the home as it can be built into the home. This means that someone with a smaller property around their home can still enjoy the benefits of this outdoor oasis without having to take up precious land.

Indoor Parks

Innovative architectural design trends - Indoor landscape parksAnother fun trend is creating indoor parks inside the building. You can work with a client to design the perfect oasis inside their home that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather is like outside. This is a great addition to office buildings that deal with children as clients or just the locations that want to add a touch of nature and relaxation to their building.

Weather Proof Architectural Design

Innovative architectural design trends - Weatherproof building designThe elements can wreak havoc on any type of architectural design you may construct if proper measurements are not taken ahead of time. It’s important that you include weatherproofing in your design plans that will help to reduce moisture issues and other problems that the elements may throw their way. One great addition is using a breathable house wrap so that you can offer an extra barrier to moisture from the outside destroying the home or commercial building.

Movable Building Design

One final trend to be aware of is that of the movable building design. This allows a building to have the option to change its layout due to what time of day it is. This is a unique and upcoming design trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Staying updated on the sustainable architecture trends is important as you pursue your career.  Be sure to research the many options out there and utilize them as you start designing homes, commercial locations, and other areas.

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