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Ancient Chinese Yoga of Home – Feng Shui

Feng Shui & Ancient Chinese Yoga (Science of human body)

feng shui and science of yogaYoga is a amalgamation of mental, physical, spiritual practices or disciplines for peaceful body and mind. It was originated in Ancient India (Pre-Vedic Indian Tradition). If our energy of body is balanced and fully activated, there can be no physical or psychological ailment in us. There are innumerable people who walked out of their ailments, merely by bringing a certain balance to the system. Balance remains the key foundation element for all well being. The doctrine of balance extends to our surroundings as well. Just like our body we need to improve the respiration, energy and vitality of our home.

Balance Yin and Yang – Feng Shui

yin yang and feng shuiYour home or your office needs peace, balance and ton’s of positive energy which can bring change to individual’s life, state of mind, pave the way to move forward in their career & in their relationships. The concept of yin and yang in ancient Chinese (Feng Shui) is primarily about bringing balance and harmony in life. Yin symbolizes dark, passive, cold and female energy while Yang symbolizes bright, active, warm and male energy. Yoga leads to balance of the yin and yang energy in body, whereas, application of Feng Shui to your home balance the yin and yang aspects in your ambient surroundings. Application of this balancing concept to the blue print of our house instills stability and comfort in our life. Our surroundings (where we work, sleep or live), play a vital part on well being of our body and mind. Peaceful body and mind pushes us towards better opportunities.

Energy Flow – Chi Energy chi energy and feng shui


Based on ancient Chinese doctrines, everything in the universe contains energy (Chi) and there is a constant interaction between the chi in our body and our space. The  harmonization between our body and the quality of the chi energy in the surroundings shape all aspects of our life such as health, relationship, professional success, prosperity and happiness. Hence, chi energy flow in our surrounding is one of the important aspects of Feng Shui. In yoga, breathing technique is a way to enhance the quality of the chi in our body and mind.

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