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Vaastu Solutions

Vaastu Solutions by Naresh Singal

Source : htestates newspaper, 07-07-2012

Q – We have recently shifted to a 3BHK flat in a multi-storey building. We have adjusted comfortably, but it seems my child is feeling a bit disturbed. Can you tell me in which direction should the room of an 18 year old be located? (Priti Doshi)

A – Yes, the location of a room is most important for an individual (where or in which direction). If your child is a boy, then his room should be in the south, west or southwest direction. And if the child is a girl, you should give her a room in the northwest direction.

Q – I have a south facing house. There are two toilet-cum-bathrooms in my house. One is in the south east, while the other is in the north. I have been advised by a friend of mine that this is a serious vaastu defect and I should sell the house immediately. Kindly suggest what should I do? (Shailesh)

A – South is not considered the best direction for a house. First of all, I would say that do not be superstitious. But you may face difficulties in selling such a property.

Q – I have read the one should follow vaastu rules while installing electronic appliances. Is it true? We are planning to install some new air-conditioners in our house. I want to know if there is any specific direction in which one should install air-conditioners? (Achal Bandhopadhyay)

A – Yes, it is true that vaastu principles are and should be applied before installing electronic gadgets. For electronic equipment the best directions are south and southwest. You can choose any of these directions for installing your air-conditioners. The same principle applies to other gadgets.

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