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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Corner by Monika Chawla

Source: htestates newspaper, 07-07-2012

If you are sitting with your back to a door in office, place pictures of a mountain where you work for support. An image of a phoenix helps professional growth.

It is imperative to have a harmonious work environment in the office because people work and spend most of their waking hours here. Functioning in a proper feng shui office makes a world of difference to the productivity and interpersonal relationships. An office should be a place you enjoy and look forward to working in. Harmony at the workplace diffuses backbiting, reduces office politics and minimizes gossip – thing that can cause much unhappiness. Good feng shui in your personal space helps you achieve recognition and promotion. Here are some tips for your office for enhancing good luck and harmony.

Watch your back : Feng shui repeatedly warns you to watch your back. Make sure you have good back support where you sit. If you are in a desk job, ensure the back of your chair is placed so there is a solid wall behind you. Sitting with your back to the door is incredible bad news. But a window directly behind you can also be bad. Close such windows with heavy blinds and display support symbols of career success behind you.

Place the painting of a mountain behind your chair for solid support. Make sure that the painting does not have a waterfall, lake, pond or any water body in it as this can be detrimental for your business.

Display a rooster : The rooster is the best symbol to use to counter office politics. If you are constantly dodging underhanded tactics from co-workers, or are the butt of office gossip then display a rooster with a prominent break and comb.

Avoid sitting facing a wall : A desk that is placed facing a wall acts as a barrier to promotion. If you cannot move your desk, hang a picture of scenery featuring an open field to symbolize your own personal “bright hall”. You can also hang an image of a phoenix on the wall in front of you to symbolize being faced with many opportunities. This will help counter the negative effects of facing a wall, and will create the cause for you to change desk to one with better feng shui.

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