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urban terminology

Urban Terminology

• Urban Structure – how a place is put together and how it’s parts relate to each other.
• Urban Typology – spatial types and morphologies related to intensity of use, consumption of resources (sustainability), production and maintenance of viable communities.
• Accessibility – providing for ease, safety and choice when moving to and through places.
• Legibility and Wayfinding – helping people to find there way around and understand how a place works (presenting landmarks for finding a place).
• Animation – designing places to stimulate public activity (had movements and gestures while discussing).
• Function and Fit – shaping places to support their varied intended uses.
• Complementary mixed uses – locating activities to allow constructive interaction between them.
• Character and Meaning – recognizing and valuing the differences between one place and another.
• Order and Incident – balancing consistency and variety in the urban environment in the interests of appreciating both ( turning is an incidental space – sudden action)
• Continuity and Change – locating people in time and place, including respect for heritage and support for contemporary culture.
• Civil Society – making places where people are free to encounter each other as civic equals, an important component in the building social capital.

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