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epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring for Hotel, Restaurant or Commercial Places

Epoxy Flooring – The Best Solution for Your Hotel, Restaurant or Club

Flooring has become a crucial part of interior design projects. Within a factory setting where the flooring can become subjected to a lot of wear and tear, choosing the correct flooring becomes very important. The same goes for when flooring needs to be chosen for hotels, restaurants or clubs. The flooring solution should be something that will be durable, and not become an occupational health and safety hazard due to wear and tear.

By giving your clients the ability to customize their own design and layout on a product that requires low maintenance and is environmentally friendly, no wonder epoxy flooring is increasing in popularity.

black white epoxy flooringBenefits Of Installing Epoxy Flooring

The number one benefit of epoxy flooring is that it doesn’t take long to install. As a business owner, the number one concern is the loss of production or trading when a big project like redoing flooring has to be completed. The longer the business is closed, the more money you’re losing. By installing epoxy flooring you can ensure operations can return to normal within a short space of time or even not close at all.

Another benefit that makes epoxy flooring appealing is it’s easy to clean. Compared to normal flooring or carpets, epoxy flooring can be characterized as being non-porous so it doesn’t absorb the liquids being spilled on them.

This makes epoxy flooring ideal for hotel lobbies, restaurants and clubs, to name a few. As they get a lot of traffic and are prone to having things spilled on them, you can save your business a substantial amount of money and time as cleaning these floors are effortless.

A Cost-Effective Flooring Solution

When having carpets or wooden flooring installed, there’s a good chance that after a couple of years you will find yourself having to consider upgrading it or even having to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. With epoxy flooring, you’re guaranteed durability and longevity out of your installation. It can last over a decade without developing cracks or peeling, making this a cost effective flooring solution as you do not have to worry about repair costs.

metallic epoxy flooring
metallic epoxy flooring

Customize Your Flooring Design

Epoxy flooring comes in a number of colours and thanks to this, clients can choose either one colour or a variety of colours. Customize your design and create a unique and intrinsic design for the flooring for your business that matches the unique architecture of the building.

Another option can be to install epoxy flooring in hotel rooms and finish it off with a soft rug which will give the room a variety of textures and designs. It doesn’t need to be limited to high traffic areas.

The Safety of Patrons Should Be Your Number One Priority

Within the hospitality industry, the safety of your patrons should be your number one priority. With technological advancements in the development of epoxy product, some coatings are slip resistant.

In an environment such as a club where there is a high chance of drinks being spilt, it’s important to have flooring that does not become slippery when wet. Not only does it protect your guests but also ensures your employees are protected and the number of injury on duty claims are kept at an absolute minimum.

Epoxy Flooring Can Be An Alternative Lighting Solution

If you don’t have budget to knock a few walls out to install more windows for natural light, by having epoxy flooring installed, you’re increasing the brightness in the room. This is due to the epoxy having a glossy finish and it gives off a reflection.

Consider installing one or two extra lights or lighting features that can work in conjunction with the flooring. With the reflection from the flooring, your guests should have no problem seeing where they’re going while moving to the different sections of your club or even restaurant.

Aside from the practical benefits of installing epoxy flooring, you can also add tangible equity to your property. With good quality flooring, your property value shoots up and so does the value of your equity. If you’re in search of a reliable, durable and quality flooring solution that’ll provide you with decades of reliable service and returns, invest in competitively priced epoxy flooring for your business.

Author : Mark Bekker has been a flooring specialist for over 22 years, focusing on industrial flooring installations and helping his customers find the best flooring solutions. For more information about Mark’s work, visit his site Floor Master

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