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Innovative dining table ideas

5 Innovative Dining Table Ideas

In modern design every room has a focal point and today, I want to share with your one room people are forgetting to decorate – the dining room. A dining room is a place for the entire family to enjoy at least one meal and it is important for the entire family to feel nice in the room. Due to that, I am giving you 5 extremely interesting dining table which will gather your family each day and every day.

Millennium Bontempi Dining Tablemillenium bontempi dining table

The Millenium Bontempi is a dining table made for contemporary homes of people who cherish simple design. When you look at the table you can see that it doesn’t have any decoration and it actually doesn’t need any. You can choose from rectangular and circular shape so you can adjust the table for your room almost perfectly. The table top is made from one material and you can choose it from 3 materials: wood, glass and steel. The biggest features of the table are the legs which aren’t spread across the entire table, but they are all located in the middle of it. Simple, yet elegant.

Concrete Dining Tableconcrete dining table

The concrete table is one of the most interesting dining tables in last year, but it is tricky to find the right one. Concrete table has to be smooth, evenly colored and without any cracks so I suggest you leave this project for professionals. The perfect combination you can find for your man cave is a concrete table top with wooden rustic legs. That table has a statement and it is all about manly man in the house.

Foosball Dining Table

foosball dining tableAnother dining table made for the man (cave) apartment is a foosball dining table. But, keep in mind this is not a foosball table with glass top, it is a table made for this special purpose. You can look at it as two in one table. When you look at the design of the table you can see that it will impress everyone who enters the room, including women. It is not a basic foosball table, it has black shine, style and elegance. The tempered glass above the field is slightly elevated so you can achieve that dining table height. The glass also covers the rods which mean that you will completely forget that they are right below your dinner plate.

Swing Dining Table

Swing dining tableI can absolutely imagine this table in a break room of modern companies like Google because it represents the relaxed atmosphere you have to have in a break room. It is made for people who are young in heart and I am absolutely sure that this table will make every person smile. Great for family gatherings because how often can you see your grandma in the swing? The table is safe, made to support any person on it and the fact that it has enough room between the swings show that this is not a work of an amateur, but professional.

Driftwood Dining Tabledriftwood dining table

Not every awesome looking table has to be modern. A driftwood dining table is a great feature for traditional homes because it tells you a story. It would be a shame to put the driftwood table in small dining room so I would definitely suggest accommodating it in an open space kitchen/dining room area. With the tempered glass on top a driftwood dining table will stay in its glory forever. Here a comprehensive article on How To Build a DIY Farmhouse Dining Room Table.


Author bioMark is a blogger who has a blog about foosball tables. On his blog he writes everything one foosball player needs to know, including the reviews of different foosball tables like the one you can check out here

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