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aa journey of a DOT

A Journey of a DOT

A Journey of a DOT

Cool, having a good topic for the discussion I always wanted to write down something about architecture but my thinking is, if you would like to describe architecture in terms of  words, you can’t do it but even if you are trying to describe it, you know a little part of a dot.

        Architecture can be felt, we can’t just draw a plan, make elevation for submission, we have to feel the process of design to achieve that task. Indian architect Charles Correa once said “experiencing architecture not as an object one looks at, but as an energy field one moves through”. As a student, I have learnt something in architecture. I feel well prepared and confident to take the next step towards the journey. I am excited to continue this evolution to the ending and beyond………..


What about the journey?

It’s all about to begin………..

        Here the DOT is struggling to be a BUILDING it just not you, not me can understand the feeling of that dot but we can try to understand. A life journey of that dot starts to form the line then to the plane then to the Spatial Volume and then last the final product ‘A BUILDING’. This can be an example for someone’s life, their situations, their feelings.

        If you remove all dots from any part of the building (the life), you have nothing to connect, you have nothing to form a building. It is a process in which dot has to survive during the line making from rough surface. It is replicating our each point of concern, our love, our hard working nature, each and every part of our life, these rough surfaces are the challenges for the dot in the development of a line.

Nothing in this world, can stop you to be YOU.


       Since last 4 years I have spent a number of weeks working on design projects. Yet I am experiencing architecture and art but somehow architecture is a permanent challenge that requires years of enthusiasm.

Here my point is not only for the dot but my readers also who want some potentials to be more than yourself so it is a time when the dot got some sort of power during the journey. At the last I hope to have achieved my goal acquiring a secure path for the dot.

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