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Poem on Architectural Journey

Poem on Architectural Journey

Architectural Journey ….

It costs us everything, to be an “Architect“!

Dedication, struggle, strong belief,  architecture is not that easy as it seems!

We lie in details and live through it.

It may seem mere dimensions, but we play through it…

Countless days and sleepless nights, it’s not just one, not just two but a project throughout our lifetime!

It earns so many years to become an architect, with almost 50% chances, we can meet failure at our doorsteps!

And all through these years, we face much tough times! depression, failures, heartbreaks turn out our meal for a day at least one time.

It’s definitely not what it seems, it costs us everything to be the part of this journey!


Congratulations, we battle each and every day, struggle through tears and make our ways!

That’s call for an “Architectural Journey.”…

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