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Botanic Living – Ideas for Decor


When decorating a room, we always want to make sure we’ve got the most essential basics covered–from furnitures like couches and coffee tables to textiles like rugs and curtains, and smaller elements like plants and candles. But what about that little extra something that makes a room really feel special? The details that set it apart?

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“Botanic Living – Six décor Features necessary for a space to hold it together,” Says Cherry Narang

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Rich Colors and layering of patterns have what defined my creation. It’s a mix of the modern influence of what you call elegant with Indian traditional culture. The Universal trend of pastel tones with an eclectic mix of patterns, time periods, styles, trends, and Colour.


The mix of fronds and full leaves around the corners feels fresh and in step with the exuberant paisley pattern on the throw pillows is a real traditional Indian pattern hint with a checkered pastel sofa pattern at play inject an easygoing global touch.


The greenery into decor is about wanting to feel a connection with nature. Decorating with plants is an offshoot of the Boho midcentury look. Glam loveseat in a cream plush velvet upholstery with gold legs features both classy and splendid look.

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Cream and Gold are the colors that make very frequent appearances in decor. A luxurious modern geometric metallic gold prism motif rug is symmetrically arranged in the shadows of painterly inspired washes of indigo blue, golden yellow, and aqua green.

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The modern end table in a golden champagne finish with knotted legs gives this piece an openwork base a traditional style lamp and bunch of plants layered on the sides. The unique items pack a knockout without disrupting the room’s soothing clean-lined aesthetic.

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The ideal small space solution for a home office with coordinated Colour palette in the modern and industrial look. Pastel grey stripes with a bold statement art piece are the punch of the room. Traditional Pattern on the toss cushions is an inspiration from the Indian culture that is giving the main content to the creation.

The ladder bookcase has an industrial and rustic look to it with the collection of books and plants, which is not only adding a layer to the room but they are proven to boost productivity.

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Modern industrial décor combines some old-fashioned, nature-inspired and traditional elements. Much like the new modern, or you may call it Scandinavian of the new time. It includes warmer Colour tones and cozier patterns rather than the minimal industrial decor of the past. What makes it modern is ironically the old-style and nature-inspired pieces that have become so trendy nowadays.


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