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WDR Announces World Design Rankings in Arts, Architecture, and Design

China takes first place among 114 represented countries in 2021-2022 with 102 Platinum Design Awards won globally.

World Design Rankings announced the updated design rankings of countries based on the number of design awards won at international juried design competitions and awards. China ranked as number 1 among the 114 represented countries, followed by the United States of America, Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey, and Australia which took the top positions in 2021.

World Design Rankings

The WDR – World Design Rankings aims to provide additional data and insights to economists and journalists regarding the state-of-art in design industry. The ultimate aim of the world design rankings is to contribute to global design culture through advocating and highlighting good design. The rankings aim to provide a snapshot of the state-of-art and design potentials of countries worldwide by highlighting their creative strengths, design weaknesses, and available opportunities. The “Design Business Insights” section provides a ranking of countries based on their success in diverse design fields and creative categories.

Design Business Insights

Furthermore, for each country, three additional tables for strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are listed. The table of “Design Strengths” displays dominant design fields, in which a country is highly competitive and successful; i.e. for example you could learn whether Italy is better in Fashion Design, Furniture Design or Graphic Design. The “Design Weaknesses” table displays design fields that are below average in comparison to other countries. The “Design Opportunities” table displays latent design categories that could be further explored by the country. Using this functionality press members and design enthusiasts could discover more about countries, and understand the importance of diverse design sectors for each country. These insights could also be used by policymakers to determine which specific design sectors or industries could need or receive government subsidies or subvention. To discover the complete list of countries included in the World Design Rankings, and to see in-depth design business insights for each country, interested parties could check the World Design Rankings at

A’ Design Award, recognizing the excellent and original design work from across the globe, is the highest achievement in design, a source of inspiration for award-winning designers, artists, architects, brands, and design agencies.

Here is a list of some of the best award-winning projects from art, architecture, furniture design, industrial design, product design, and many more. A complete list of Award winners can be checked at –

CCRG Jiu Chen Sales Center by Amber Design

Wandering in the Woods Kindergarten by L and M Design Lab
Codependent Table by Fletcher Eshbaugh
Haleiwa Chair by Melissa Mae Tan

Vortex Fireplace by Dario Sousa

Animal Multifunctional Stool by Li Yuanwei, Qi Yu and Zhao Hongchuan

B Fora Vase by Nicolau dos Santos
HK Port Passenger Clearance Building Cross Border Crossing Facility by Aedas

Strait Culture Art Center by Zong Wu Xu and Pekka Salminen
Shenyang Hunnan Exhibition Center Exhibition Center by Tengyuan Design

Shard-The Power of Inner Dynamics Sales Office by Qun Wen
Guilin Exhibition Center Exhibition Center by Tengyuan Design

Tianjin Zarsion Exhibition Center by RUF Architects

Ithaki Restaurant Lighting Design by Matina Magklara and Anna Sbokou

Piks Construction Toy by Oppi

Zhu Xiaodi Solo Exhibitions Unlimited Light Art by Fang Hu

Be Water Lamp by Fernando Correa
Tabineko Illustration Illustration Calendar by Toshinori Mori

Monolithic House Private Villa by Ahmed Habib
Flow With the Sprit of Water Public Art by Iutian Tsai

Translucence Pendant Light by Iestyn Davies

Samsung Bot Chef Robotic Arm by Think Tank Team

Zhenlong Mansion Sales Office by YLH Design