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Institute of music - holy spirit university of kaslik

Institute of Music / Lina Ballita

Project: Institute of Music – Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (Lebanon)

Type: Architecture Student Project

Designed By: Lina Ballita @linaballita17materials for institute of music

The existence of a geometric form, respecting the divine proportions in a painting of art gives to this one a certain value and an exceptional beauty.

Our site for the institute of music is in front of a church which has divine proportions “that of the golden rectangles”. This one considered as a universal law, a gift of the sky representing the beauty and the depth of life.

Our program includes 3 musical public spaces: concert hall, music school and a coffee maker which each of them has qualitative and quantitative requirements of surface, acoustics, proximity, different lighting.  But these can be elements carrying symbols which engages the perception of not only sensory but also spiritual.

For that, I decided to fragment my spaces based on this divine proportion “the golden rectangle”.

To accentuate the project, I raised the concert hall which is the madness of the project in the image of the rattle which is the madness of the village which allowed me to obtain a vertical and horizontal report to the image of divinity and human beings.

My (fragmented) spaces are connected by internal circulation and external walks in nature.  My entries are follies (based on the golden rectangle) which has other functions namely playful, aesthetic, formal and walk in the air in the image of the Parc de La Villette.

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