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bamboo cultural and information centre

Bamboo Cultural Centre / Aaron O. Morris

Project: Bamboo Cultural and Information Centre

Location: Sarawak, Malaysia

Type: Architecture Student Project

Designed By: Aaron Oswald Morris @aaron_osmo

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tourism is a growing market in Sarawak as evidenced by an increasing number of hotels and other accommodation setups in cities and towns. Also the number of national, international events, the celebration has also increased in the State. Hence, tourism is one of the priority industry stated in SCORE. Sarawak’s unique attractions have the potential to draw in visitors from all over the world, providing many opportunities for ambitious and profitable investment projects. While ecotourism, adventure holidays and cultural tours in the SCORE area offer visitors memorable experiences that cannot be duplicated elsewhere, there is also wide scope for the development of luxury holidays, beach vacations, meetings and events, and business trips. In order to support this industry, the proposal of creating a center where all the information about tourism and various culture in Sarawak will be under one roof.

Bamboo Cultural Centre designates to be as a center of learning Arts and Crafts. It was designed as conservation of tangible and intangible cultures that have been lost due to the process of modernization and exhibit them to the rest of the world. The program was taken from the richness in diversity of the bamboo into the design. Bamboo Cultural Centre’s Master plan and floor plans are designed according to the characteristics of Bamboo.

Bamboo Cultural Centre

Bamboo Cultural and Information Centre ViewBamboo Cultural and Information Centre ViewsBamboo Cultural and Information Centre Site planBamboo Cultural and Information Centre Floor PlansBamboo Cultural and Information Centre interiorsBamboo Cultural and Information Centre elevations

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