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architecture as a field is a journey to discover yourself

ARCHITECTURE is a Journey to Discover Yourself

Hey Guys,

You must have been hearing a lot about Architecture as a field. Its Architecture-design through sketchbenefits, scope and a lot more things related to it. I will tell you why I called it as “a journey to discover yourself”. Many students come in this field to become architects but end up becoming something they actually could connect their soul to. And by saying this I am not saying that they leave architecture or they don’t become architects. I mean to say that they become much more than just architects.

First of all I welcome you all in the field of architecture. Let me tell you this field is not just about making building plans and working drawings. It has got much more to it. Architecture is much more artistic and humane field than anyone can speak of. It is also about creativity, photography, travelling, interiors, finances, materials, research, environment, history, sketching, paintings, modelling, graphics, software, journals and a lot more things.Architecture architect and photography

You will be doing tasks in multiple fields as an architecture student. You will get basic knowledge to various fields like electrical, civil, plumbing, etc. You will be doing a lot more new things you wouldn’t have done before. As an architecture student you will find yourself discovering new places, organizing and attending events, arranging trips, meeting people of different interests as mentors or clients or friends and a lot more. Hence you will have exposure to a lot of things and you will be trying a lot of them yourselves even academically and non-academically. Basically you will be experimenting new things with yourself.

I, as an architecture student discovered myself as a writer, photographer and traveler apart from interior and architecture. My friends discovered themselves as photographers, event managers, artists, interior designers, model makers, entrepreneurs, etc. One thing that is common in us is that we are doing these things for our happiness, as professionals in those particular fields and as a part of architecture also. Some of us are going to do masters as they discovered what they want to be expert at – landscaping, conservation, sustainability, planning, etc. We all have our own stories of discovering ourselves.

Architectural composition building view sketchArchitecture is a field where you will get all sort of fun and exposure. Within all those fun and exposures, you will definitely know what you want. I came into this field strictly thinking that I want to be an architect. But now I am a lot more than that and I am glad that I choose this field and journey of these 5 years made me someone I may not have thought of becoming 5 years back. I have heard my friends saying that they never thought they will ever be able to do things they do now and they never knew it was their thing.

Life is all about discovering yourself and your happiness. If you are in architecture I guarantee you, you are at the path of doing so. It is not just a degree or a course. It is a full-fledged journey- A Journey which will help you Discover Yourself. A journey that will teach you much more to life than you know.

I wish you all good luck for this journey and I hope you people start discovering yourselves soon and keep on doing that as you don’t discover everything at once. Make your own story of discovering yourself with this field.

Keep doing Architecture  🙂

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