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Designing spa center

Literature Study for designing SPA Center / Resort

Designing Spa Center has always interesting for architect’s and interior designers. It requires a lot of creativity and at same time a true sense of design. It is about creating a sense of place, with an earthy surroundings and calm subtle environment. The design should be long lasting and highly functional. Spa should be designed using natural and native materials which enhances the performance of spa and creates a sense of wellness.Spa massage room

Briefly we can Spa interiors should be such that they have earthy tones which sets calmness in users. Secondly, focus should be laid on the use of lights and the balance between natural and artificial lighting. Comfort is also of prior importance and much concern should be put on the cozy and comfortable furniture with earth tone decor.

Here is a brief literature study on designing spa center and how to enhance the space accordingly.

Spa Design requirements -1

Library Study- Spa Design requirements -2

Library Study- Spa Design requirements -3

Library Study- Spa Design requirements -4

Design for massage therapy room

Designing Spa Treatment rooms - Spa design

Key environmental dimensions of spa - Spa Design

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