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Passive cooling techniques

Passive Cooling Techniques

Passive cooling techniques are least expensive means of cooling a home which maximizes the efficiency of the building envelope without any use of mechanical devices. It rely on natural heat-sinks to remove heat from the building. They derive cooling directly from evaporation, convection, and radiation without using any intermediate electrical devices. All passive cooling strategies rely on daily changes in temperature and relative humidity. The applicability of each system depends on the climatic conditions. These design strategies reduce heat gains to internal spaces.

– Natural Ventilation

– Shading

– Wind Towers

– Courtyard Effect

– Earth Air Tunnels

– Evaporative Cooling

– Passive Down Draught Cooling

– Roof Sprays

  • Here is a presentation on PASSIVE COOLING TECHNIQUES which i have prepared. Hope you get all the information you ever needed.

[slideshare id=59740412&doc=passive-cooling-techniques-160318190248]

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  1. Very interesting those cooling techniques,
    i am looking for construction techniques also to keep a house cool,
    in the Philippines we need that, maybe you know some?

      1. please email me also regarding this topic…I am interested with this one

  2. Is there a heating technique to keep the house warm during winter.The temp is quite low at my place and It feels more colder inside than outside.

    1. Check out passive solar heating techniques….using the right building materials and glazings and stuff you an increase the internal temperature easily….

  3. a very helpful topic for my proposed public school project. awesome.

  4. Great efforts and I am sure that i will helpful to the others. I would also like to recommend here to used metalized screen solar shading which provides thermal and visual comfort and reduce further SHGC and enhance the energy efficiency of the building specially hi-rise Buildings.

  5. very very helpful presentation for my studies… really gonna help me…thank you so much… it works

  6. That was great, I’m taking up BS Architecture and this our topic now, thanks! :)) You were a great help! 😀

  7. can you send me more details on how to do a passive cooling technique? i am interested i want to incorporate in my future residential projects. thank you very much.