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Carpet Cleaning

Home Decor – Carpet Cleaning part-1

One of the common problems found in people is at time of choosing the correct carpet cleaner which in real could be a very involved decision.

Try following these steps and to have a good experience in choosing the right cleaner.

1) Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Method:

The ones using The Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction method should be the ones that you should allow to enter your place. This must be given the top most priority and you shouldn’t forget this in asking before you question something else. There are many companies in Dallas that use this technique but not all. So never forget. Shaw and Mohawk were the ones who recommended this method. They were the ones responsible for manufacturing 2/3 of the world’s carpet.

2) Carpet Cleaning Certification:

IICRC and RIA (formally the ASCR) are the two most recognized certification. Having this certification proves that the company is through with the coursework and has cleared the exams related to carpet cleaning. To see the proof that the firm is certified, browse the IICRC website at These days almost all the largest and famous carpet manufactures are recommending this. From January 2008, in order to have the Shaw warranty one will be required to prove that they got their carpets cleaned by IICRC certified cleaners.

3) Carpet Cleaning Price:

Usually it’s a haunting situation when you choose carpet cleaners based on the prices such as Dallas Carpet Cleaners. It is so not because of the low quality but because of the switch and bait. As per the standard rates of good cleaning companies, $9.95 per room seems to be a dream. Usually $9.95 per room switch and bait companies don’t have equipments for truck mounted hot water extraction because they can’t afford them. As soon as a consumer starts restricting their IICRC certified cleaners that make use of hot water extraction equipment, they may see the switch and bait companies out of the order or equation.

4) Carpet Cleaning Company, Insurance and Bonding:

Weather a company is insured and bonded or not can only be answered if you ask from the company. So make sure you ask. You could ask for a copy. Another thing to keep in mind is the difference between General Liability insurance and a Bond. If the homeowner was to slip or fall because of the wet carpet then the General Liability would pay. If the cleaner is fraud and was going to steal then the Bond would pay. We find most f the homeowners are concerned with policy paying if the cleaner breaks something in the house. But not all general liability policies will pay in this situation. You may need a separate endorsement. Sometimes the cleaner may have an offsite breakage endorsement in that case the policy is not going to pay when the cleaner breaks $900 vase even if the insurance policy carries at least a $1000 deductible. So a general advice to all is that put all your expensive breakable things in a safe place.

5) Ask for your professional Cleaners references:

To make sure that the company not only has a good record but also a member of BBB, ask for references. There are companies that hold a very bad record at the BBB and are still in business. New clients forget to check this.

6) Cleaning Employees:

Whether a company is using employees or sub contractors should be known. Small things like would a uniformed employee in a company truck would be coming to clean the place should also be asked. You could find that there some Dallas carpet cleaning companies that are actually in the marketing sector only. Their sole purpose is to sell their products. So, mostly these companies advertise and book the job and hand it over to the local cleaners. This is very dangerous as in this case the actual company who books the job has little control. If some thing goes wrong like a robbery then you may have very less to recover.

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