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Bachelor of Architecture Five Year Study Planning

Bachelor of Architecture Five Year Study Planning

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) program aims at gaining high level of parametric and contextual excellence in architectural design and planning. Five year study plan in bachelor of architecture revolves around theory of the subject and design studios which enhance the skills of a student in the fields of architecture, planning, art and engineering. Every student of architecture learns to design and construct a project and resolve issues which evolve in surrounding environment.

The curriculum of bachelor of architecture (B.Arch) is divided in following stages –

First Year in Bachelor of Architecture – Basic Fundamentals

The main aim of the first year is to inculcate in all the actual spirit of architecture with the basic parameters of design and their inculcation into the design problems with their relevance into the main sphere. Beginning from a basic line to the solution of major design problems, requires the understanding and perceiving of the spaces into a geometric analysis. Also of primer concern is the presentation of the design for a better understanding of the other person and also to create an impact.

Hence the teaching involves the refinement of the basic design vocabulary and its implementation in a manner to impress upon the other. All these concerns are looked after in a systematic schedule which includes ample time for popularity, studio work, discussion forums, research, graphics and mutual learning.

Second Year – Concept Design & Uses

In second year, the design of a house is one of the crucial design assignments in the curriculum. The design of a house for any particular person by choice makes the architectural expression limitless. For instance, the house for a gardener ranged itself from attempts at free natural extension of the site to the human imagination. In the latter half of the year, problems like hostel, apartments, tourist resort and school are tackled.

A hostel is a place where each boarder spends a major part of his/her life. It is here that memories are born, the actual learning process starts and where the fun never ends. So a hostel needs to be designed in a manner to enhance the creative aspect of each person and to make each life more comfortable to bring forth a brighter generation.

The built environment characterized by the limited boundary makes the site and exposure of prime concern. Also the functionality requires the use of more of an open space as a play of the sun to attempt the growth of species in a controlled manner and also the supervision of the same.

Third Year – Design Problems

O, plunge your hands in water,

Plunge them up in to the wrist,

Stare, stare in the basin

And wonder what you’ve missed.

The glacier knocks in the cupboard,

The desert signs in the bed,

And the crack in the tea-pot opens,

A lane to the land that we did tread

(Source: As I walked out by W.H. Auden)

Large scale library, museum, art gallery and exhibition, conventional centers or cultural centers are some of the main design problems tackled in this year.

In the later half-major problem consists of commercial office, administrative building, factories, nursing home, small institute, etc. The architectural design of third year is followed by working drawings.

Fourth Year – Training

The time reserved for training i.e. the 7th semester is the time when we actually get to put the knowledge acquired in the three years to test. Here one actually comes to terms with reality and finds his true worth in the market.

The work done during training period showcases ones skills as usually the work allotted is in terms of what one is best at. It is surely an experience that all cherish at this time of the curriculum, for some good and for some bad….yet not bad at all.

After the training process one is particularly imagined to be intelligent on the vocabulary of detailing, materials, etc: the study and design of a live project, in this case, the interior of an office in terms for the same brings about a clear understanding of the intensity and the measure of the site work and the detailing.

Fifth Year – Time to apply

The last year is meant for thesis. It is nothing but a complete project which requires all the site analysis, project reports, detailed models and working drawing. This is the last stage for a student to turn himself/herself into an Architect.

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