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Design Process to Develop Good Design

It order to develop a good design, we must go by the design process. It involves various steps-

  • Goals
  • Aims & Objectives
  • Requirements are framed
  • Library Study conducted
  • Case Study
  • Concept formulation
  • Design formulation

(1) Setting of Goals:

Before starting a design project, goals are formulated and these goals determine the effect of the project on the society such as health centers for promoting health.

(2)Aims and Objectives:

 Based upon the goals, Aims are framed out whereas; Objectives are the means to achieve the aims. Objective can be in terms of function, form and structure.

For example: In case of an educational institute, aim is to have maximum interaction between students and teachers or to have energy efficient building so the objective should be to have a courtyard or and assembly area.

(3) Framing of Requirements:

 Based upon goals, aims and objectives, various components of the project are enlisted and the area statements are worked out depending upon the primary surveys and secondary surveys. [Primary Survey is the data collected from primary sources such as survey of an existing area. Secondary Survey is the data collected from the secondary sources such as Municipal Corporation Office, P.W.D, Central Public Works Department, etc.

(4) Library Study & Case Study:

 To derive the concepts about design and to gain information about the project, library study and case study is conducted and both of them go parallel to each other.

While doing library study and case study, you collect data about the zoning (functional compatibility of various components), make bubble diagrams which describes the functional relationships of the components and study typology i.e. various types of plans are analyzed.

(5) Concept Stage:

 On the basis of the information collected, design concept is formulated which further helps in the making of actual design.

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