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Objectives of architecture

Objectives of Architecture

Objectives of Architecture

It is to provide healthy conditions, comfort and safety to the inhabitants’ i.e. functional compatibility. It can be achieved by following components:-

Healthy Conditions -:

Healthy conditions can only be achieved by proper arrangement of various functions:

Vehicular traffic to be restricted outside the building

Industry should be kept away from the residential areas

Proper green belt should be formed around the building

By underground drainage and sewage system and by providing a proper means of garbage disposal.

Safety -:

Safety of every individual is very important and there should be safety from-

#Water – by providing a proper plinth level to the building

#Fire – by using various means of fire fighting devices like fire extinguishers, fire exits

#Barriers – by providing barrier free environment for the handicapped people

#Accidents – by providing railings in the stairs and supports in the toilet

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