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Architect Raj Rewal

Presentation on Architect Raj Rewal

Raj Rewal was born in Hoshiarpur, Punjab in 1934 and was among those who first encountered the application of advanced western theories of urban and building technologies in their country.

From 1939 to 1951 he lived in Delhi and Shimla and attended harcourt butter higher secondary school. He also attended Delhi school of architecture, New Delhi from 1951-1954. In 1955-61 he moved to London and attended the architectural association school of architecture for one year. He took his complete formal professional training at Brixton school of building London. He worked as an architectural assistant in various practices in London and as a theater scenery designer in the evenings. He than became an associate of the royal institute of British architects, London.

His works are read as products of the finest traditions of self-reflexive (European) modernism rooted in the local architectural culture. Influences that were important to his development as an architect on his return to India were

1. Seeing the work of Architect Le Corbusier.

2. Teaching history at the school of planning and architecture, New Delhi.

His ability to retain the conceptual purity of his foundation ideals has been his strength and in some other ways his limitations. His architectural ideology is shaped by:

1. His interest in structural systems. It has defined the nature of several of his significant projects.

2. As a set designer he learnt the value of employing minimalist props to convey a larger meaning.

3. In ecochards office he absorbed the principles of urban design and planning.

Raj Rewal’s production is not leased upon a theory.

– Hall of Nations, New Delhi

– State Trading Corporation, Delhi

– Scope Office Complex, New Delhi

– Asiad Village Housing

– Sheikh Sarai Housing, New Delhi

– Lisbon Ismaili Centre, Portugal

– Parliament Library