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Architectural Thesis - Rehabilitation Centre for street children

Rehabilitation Centre for Street Children

Rehabilitation Centre for Street Children

Project Type – Architectural Thesis

Designed by – Sanya Jain

Project Brief –

  1. This thesis is aimed at understanding and integrating the built environment with the requirements of Street Children.
  2. The proposal is to design a centre for them so as to create an enabling environment comprising learning space, rehabilitation and accommodation. Architectural spatial planning and design goes beyond superficial aesthetics appeal and affects the users psychologically, addressing their needs and Design Accommodation based on their behavioral, cultural and social aspects.

Architectural Thesis - Rehabilitation Centre Project BriefThesis Proposition-

  1. Rehabilitation Centre serve as a model for developing accessible infrastructures in the country and help these children and encourage them to find their way towards a normal lifestyle.
  2. Constructing a barrier-free environment by designing a space for an interaction between the street children and society, through physical tangible and intangible aspects of design and with proper flow of spaces from public to semi-public to private spaces. Thus the built environment must be sympathetic towards socio-economic levels, interaction, cultured values etc.
  3. Through this thesis, we will try to tackle challenges and issues faced by street children in Delhi starting from lack of infrastructure to the lack of facilities and accessories which make life of these children better.

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