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Build an Entire House in a Day Using a 3D Printer

3D technologies using printers from the innovation sphere is gradually becoming a real way to quickly and inexpensively provide humanity with the necessary things, whether it be high-tech bioimplants or entire architectural items! If standard  technologies in building and architecture still require a long time to implement even the simplest forms, then three-dimensional printing technology allows you to speed up production by tens of times!

American Enthusiasts are Building Houses in a Day

Specialists of two American companies have found a way to provide housing for those who still do not have their own real estate. The reason for such developments was the well-known statistical fact: approximately 1/8 of the total population of the Earth still does not have its own housing.

   But thanks to the use of 3D printers, such sad statistics can change for the better. There are several reasons for this:

  • Creating of full-fledged houses with printers is possible from localx building materials, and this reduces the cost of production.
  • A large amount of labour is not involved – which means that it is not necessary to lay the wages of workers in the construction budget.
  • Houses using 3D technology are being built very quickly, it is enough to have ready-made 3D architecture models, an accurate list of the necessary structural elements and materials – and within a day the spacious building will be ready.
  • The total cost of houses comes out much lower than with classical types of construction.

   Agree, such facts are impressive. But what does practice show?

The Real State of Printing Houses with 3D-Technology

The homeland of American prefabricated houses was the Austrian city of Texas, where ICON designed the first industrial printer for three-dimensional printing, called the Volcano. Important characteristics of the device’s printer are its ability to work in regions with unstable voltage and water shortages. It is expected to begin commercial operation in rural areas of El Salvador and Haiti.

Trial House, with a total area of ​​less than 40 square meters was ready in 2 days. Moreover, this period includes installation of the roof, installation of windows and plumbing. While the construction of a turnkey house costs $ 10 thousand. In next few years, the house, with an area of ​​about 80 square meters. m, they will build in 1 day, at a price of $ 4 thousand. In such a house there will be a kitchen-living room, two small bedrooms, a bathroom and a porch. The developers hope that such houses will also be spread as prefabricated housing for those in need after natural disasters, victims of military conflicts, etc. The house is built on a slab foundation, which is poured in advance, the time for its construction is not taken into account when printing a house. Then they collect shelter – an awning put a 3D printer, and the mechanism, layer by layer, prints the house. Normal concrete is not suitable for printing, as it will harden in the tank and dispenser, so the mixture is modified with special additives. This extends its lifespan and increases workability.

The walls of the printed house are textured and do not need additional decoration.

After the construction of the “box”, the only thing left for the workers to do is to mount an already finished rafter system, supporting supports, and also insert doors and windows.

Of course, the prototypes of such buildings are still designed for a warm climate zone, but it is likely that over the next few years there will also be insulated or energy-efficient real estate created using a three-dimensional printing printer. It can also be a profitable way to build standard commercial real estate objects – gas stations, snack bars or trade pavilions.

petrol pump Gas Station 3D Model


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