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House of Santa Architecture Competition

House of Santa Architecture Competition

House of Santa – Introduction

The most beloved figure for everyone around the world (kids and adults alike), Santa Claus, needs a new home in the Arctic Circle, and he is looking for a new, young architect to help him build his dream.

With the world transforming at a rapid speed, Santa is looking to build a new, improved home that will make his living and working easier. His older house at the North Pole was built keeping in mind his former needs and functions.

As the world’s population expands, Santa needs more space, and a better equipped one, to make more toys for all the kids. One of the jolliest people in the world, he receives many guests every year; ones he would like to entertain at his new place. Also, he would like to invite a few kids every year to spend time with him at his new place, visit his toy factory and enjoy the beautiful Arctic.

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We invite all the architects, designers, students, thinkers, engineers around the world to come to help Santa build his dream home using their imagination, innovation and creativity.

BIG IDEA – an inventive solution for Santa and his guests. We want you to translate your imagination into a creative design solution that adapts with today’s day and age.

Along with a house the participants are to design a Toy Workshop, one where Santa’s elves will be making toys for the children all over the world. The participants are to design Santa’s Home based on the following programme:

• Mr and Mrs Santa’s new Home; a house that is a smart combination of creativity, technology, and space design
• Office space and Post office
• Toy Workshop
• Dwelling areas for 50 Elves [the spatial configuration and anthropometrics should be feasible from the elves usability point of view]
• Visitor accomodations for 10 guests and 20 kids with Play area
• Garage space for Santa’s sleigh and a stable area for his nine reindeers


The Arctic Circle is the humble abode of Santa Claus from the early years. One of the coldest regions on Earth, it boasts of unique climate and topography. The site demands an equally distinct architectural style, one that will protect the residents from extreme cold and harsh winds. Participants need to understand the site and their designs should consider its advantages and constraints.

The proposed design concepts must respond sustainably to the given site context.


Competitions Starts : 20th December ‘18

Advance Registration Ends : 3rd January ‘19

Early Registration Begins : 3rd February ‘19

Regular Registration Ends : 22nd February ‘19

Late Registration Ends : 28nd February ‘19

Last Day for Queries : 28th February ‘19

Submission Deadline : 4th March ‘19

Announcement of Winners : 3th May ‘19

Judging Criteria

Creative design solution for Santa’s House : The participants are to design a new, unique and inventive house for Santa, keeping in mind his requirements.

Unique architectural concept : The entries should be based on distinctive design concepts that should consider all the objectives of the competition.

Design based on the site context of Arctic Circle : The participants are to design Santa’s House on the basis of the context of the site, the Arctic Circle – its topography and climate.

Energy efficiency, Sustainability and Usability : The designs submitted have to be energy efficient, sustainable and relevant from the user’s perspective.


1st Prize : $ 1600 + Volume Zero Trophy + Certificate of achievement
2nd Prize : $ 1000 + Volume Zero Trophy + Certificate of achievement
3rd Prize : $ 600 + Volume Zero Trophy + Certificate of achievement

+ 10 Special Mentions

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