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Aquatecture 2018 architecture competition

Aquatecture 2018 Architecture Competition Winners

Aquatecture 2018 Winners Announced

We are very happy to announce the winners of our recent architectural design competition, Aquatecture 2018. The contest encouraged the participants to imagine a utopian world on water and design the same considering the aspects of innovation, originality and sustainability.

The jury for the competition consisted of revered designers Anouk Legende (Xtu Architects), Marco Lavit (Atelier LAVIT), Abraham Cota Paredes (Cotaparedes Architects), Richard Coutts (BACA Architects), Anuj Gudekar (Professor), Mridula Pillai (Professor), Chris Precht (Penda), Andrew Patterson (Patterson Associates) and Moon Hoon.

The top three winners were awarded a total prize money of $4500 while ten entries received honourable mentions.

Aquatecture 2018 Architecture Competition jury

Here are the winning entries. The full results for the Aquatecture 2018 competition can be found on Volume Zero Competitions

Aquatecture 2018 Winners:

First Place

daniela lamartine

Participants: Daniela Lamartine (Sweden)

The ‘Float Hub’ goes beyond design, and merges the vital aspects of infrastructure and economic development. “Float Hub aims to achieve a long – term economic and residential security through a catalogue of typologies that benefits the floating community. The existence of resources in the communities enables an economy where any surplus generated is recycled back”. The important activities of the proposed floating community are production, recycling and vending.

Second Place
wandi jin

Participants: Wandi Jin and Jin Yi (China)

The ‘Nuevo Mundo’ looks at traditional Chinese architecture for inspiration. The designers wanted to create “a water building that can flexibly cope with its living environment and can freely control its own dimension, move freely and can easily dock, with the control room diving into the water. The energy of the new water building is supplied by solar and its surrounding environment can produce food and purified water”.

Third Place


Participants: Sidharth P T and Balaji B (India)

The design of the ‘Water Miner’ is a “torus pod with all amenities and food production technology. Multiple pods would come together to form a floating settlement with shared food production and programs. The design also has the capability to mine for fresh water while in the sea through osmosis, with the help of synthetic membranes”.

Special Mentions:


Participants: Miguel Angel Vargas Sanchez and Andres Torres Rodriguez (Colombia)


Participants: Neha Agarwal, Kaustubh Kulkarni and Raghu Vamshi (India)

Participants: Nguyen Phuc Minh, Hoang Thanh Hai and Nguyen Xuan Ngoc (Vietnam)

Participants: Kash Moghaddam, Perry Katropoulos and Kanishk Meghani (Australia)

Participants: Silvia Angeli, Sophie Angrilli and Xhesika Pfriti (Italy)

Honourable Mentions:

Participants: Nur Arsad Eko Pramono, Ardyana Fahmiadi and Arief Singgih Wibowo (Indonesia)

Participants: Lorena Rossi, Dimitra Eleni and Hubert Bokobza (France)

Participants: Kaushal Suresh Tatiya (India)

Participants: Jiaming Zhang and Yanzhen Qiu (United States)

Participants: Xiaorui Ge and Yan Zhang (China)

Participants: Saqib Mansoor, Lily Ni and Shidong Wang (Canada)

Participants: Patrick Danahy and Caleb Ehly (United States)

Participants: Alvaro Herrera and Esteban Ramirez (Chile)

Participants: Antony Thomas, Sarath Kapplangat Sarasan and Juno Jose (India)

Participants: Ananya Nayak, Devayani M and Shashwath Ravisundar (India)

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