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Engaging Architecture in India: Temporal Reconciliations

Engaging Architecture in India: Temporal Reconciliations

Engaging Architecture in India: Temporal Reconciliations – Urban Interventions and the Future of the Historical Indian City, 4 March 2017

After two successful conferences on ‘Localization within Globalization’ and ‘Transitional Rurality’ held in 2014 and 2015 respectively, IESCOA is proud to announce its Third International Conference of the series, Engaging Architecture in India.

The advent of the Modern thought has created a dichotomy of sorts in the East—one that compels us to think synthetically between the foundations of our ancient rooted-ness and the Cartesian rationality of the Modern thought and knowledge systems that arrive from the Western world.

Architects in the East, therefore, are challenged to look at architectural development in our existing landscapes giving regard to the rapidly transforming modern interconnected world while yet taking cognizance of the living-breathing validity of the physical manifestations that surround us in our cities with the aim of imbibing the spirit of such interventions for a meaningful future of India.

The historical Indian city has been a driver of growth for the country. As a result it becomes the gateway of Modern thought that filters to other parts of the country. Consequently, inward migration has been a continuing phenomenon over the last few centuries.

It is, therefore, necessary to examine the dynamic of the growth of the historical Indian City from the viewpoint of what can constitute new architectural interventions in this continuing
reality called the Indian City.

Through this conference, IES College of Architecture attempts to evolve a collaborative responses to these interventions in our obviously valuable temporally-rooted cities of historical significance across India.

Here is the list of the Speakers for the event-

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