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Planning a kitchen garden

Planning a Kitchen Garden

Starting  a Kitchen Garden

Growing vegetables can really be a fun and specially when it is at your own place. Apart from maintaining a front lawn, you can also have a kitchen garden to cater to your basic vegetable needs. The best location for a new kitchen garden is a sunny spot, where sun shines longest and strongest. If you have a terrace garden, built-in-soil-beds would be an ideal garden designs

Choosing Garden Veggies

If you are growing your own veggies, start off with easy vegetables like tomato, ladyfinger, chilli etc. They consume less space and maintenance. Herbs such as curry leaves, mint and tulsi can be grown easily in earthen pots. If your kitchen garden has ample space, you can also opt for veggies like cabbage, beetroot, lemon, lettuce, radish, carrots, garden ideas on wall

Maintenance of Kitchen Garden
  • Use bio-pesticides to avoid insects and pests.
  • Water the plants as per the requirement.
  • Weeding and removal of dead leaves or yellow leaves is very essential for healthy growth of plants.
  • Plant veggies as per weather conditions.
Decorating Kitchen Gardens
  • Put a bird house and bird water pots to enhance the area.
  • Design a feature wall if you have an opening of your kitchen garden from inside the house. Rustic stone cladding can be done on the wall.
  • Cane chairs, wooden log table can be used for sitting to create an ambiance.
  • You can enhance the beauty of your garden area by blending colors in form of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Wooden-Pergola-and-furniture-in-kitchen-gardenBackyard-kitchen-garden-ideasStudio-Yaron-Tal-Israel-Kitchen-Garden-RestaurantIf you want to make your kitchen gardening space look more professional along with proper plantation, you can hire a landscape expert.

Happy Planting!!!

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