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LED downlights

Tips & Benefits for Installing LED Downlights at Your Home

LED Downlights for Your Home

Light Emitting Diodes or LED lights are the preferred choice for homes and commercial enterprises today. The best part is that LED downlights are used for making energy efficient lighting products, which in the long run helps you conserve electricity, cut down on costs of maintenance and also opt for traditional lighting styles with fewer investments. Here are some pros of the same-led-downlight

Energy efficient

LED is the smarter light choice for today’s generation because it helps you to conserve at least 85% energy as compared to regular lights. This means that you are serving a good cause towards the environment. On an average, almost 50% lighting costs can be reduced if you use LED as compared to the CFL.


LED downlights are very versatile along with being energy efficient. You can use them anywhere ranging from parking lots to offices, kid’s rooms and even driveways. They go well with different decor themes, which make them a smarter choice.

Enhances savings

With LED downlights not only do you save on instant costs, but accumulate more savings over the years. The demand for electricity goes down by almost 62% for lights and about 258 million metric tons of carbon emissions. Materials being put into landfills are also reduced and on the whole, almost $280 billion are saved in the U.S alone.

Incandescent bulbs or LED

One of the biggest drawbacks of the incandescent bulbs is the fact that almost all the energy emitted from these is converted to heat instead of light. As a result, there is a risk that you will burn yourself on touching the same. But with LED downlights, most of the energy is not converted to heat and thus they are not hot to touch. This makes them safer, less accident prone and a sensible option for your family. Of course, you still shouldn’t be touching the lights to touch how warm they are! LEDs are free from hazardous materials, such as mercury and hence safe for you and environment too.Install LED downlights

Tips on Installing LED downlights –

  • The first step to installing these lights would be to find a suitable vendor or provider for the same. Remember that when you are opting for these LED downlights for your home, they are going to be slightly higher on the cost front.
  • Once you have these lights with you, the next step would be getting individual plugs for each of them. All of these lights come with their own unit for installation. It is best to have separate plugs to ensure easier access while at the same time reduce your hassles. An option here is that if you are shifting to a new home, then you should definitely ask or hire an electrician to take care of this task for you. Considering the wiring has to be set up from scratch, it is best to opt for LED downlights.
  • If you already have plug in points in your home and need to change the bulb or downlight, then all you have to do is pick up one that you think is suitable for that area. For this purpose, you can actually get a choice of lights that match your home décor and aesthetic appeal. Then you just have to get these and fix them up as per the manual. Do remember to switch off main plug to avoid the risk of shocks while installing LED downlights.

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