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Parameters for energy efficiency

Parameters for Energy Efficiency

Parameters for Energy Efficiency:

As in previous post, we discussed about the concepts of energy efficiency, here i am dealing with the design parameters for energy efficiency.

Green building is a design process that grows out of a connection with the natural landscape. It is a set of informed decisions that considers the site and materials to reduce the cost, maintenance, and energy usage of the home. Conservation is central to the green building approach. Features for an energy efficient building includes passive solar design, recycled and sustainable materials, photo-voltaic cells, waste water treatment, rainwater collection and solar hot water. Green homes are healthier, safer, more comfortable, and cost less to operate. They connect people to the land and community around them. Here are ideas and concepts to make a green and energy efficient building.

Build a passive solar design

Ventilate attic spaces

Optimize your heat and air conditioning systems

Reduce water needs

Use renewable or recycled materials

Safeguard your site

For further information, here is a presentation which i have prepared about the parameters for energy efficiency.


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