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Effective preventive maintenance

Purpose of Effective Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance evolve from French word “Maintinir” which means hold/sustain/up to date, is the preservation to the extent of level where any unit remains serviceable. We maintain buildings to serve the purpose. We require maintenance to enhance the life of structure, for safety and convenience of users, save money- to prevent from unplanned expenditure.

• Preventive maintenance can extend the life of building components thus sustaining building value.
• Helps buildings function as they are intended and operate at peak efficiency, including minimizing energy consumption.
• Prevent the failure of building systems that would interrupt occupant’s activities and delivery of public services.
• Sustain a safe and healthful environment by keeping buildings and their components in good repair and structurally sound.
• Preventive maintenance can prevent minor problems from escalating into major system.

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  1. i have completed my XII class and i have also given AIEEE paper for B.Arch and i got 65365 rand in all over india so should i do architect or b.tect because my parents & some pepoles said architect is not a gud course u can get jobs easily but u can’t get salary between 40000 to 70000 u can get in between 12000 to 20000 so what’s your opinion .

    1. The starting salary is no doubt a bit lesser than what you get from engineering but still the life of an architect is considered far far better than an engineer.