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Scope of Urban Design

It is to provide a framework for exploring the meaning and scope of urban design is contemporary planning and urban development.

Central Argument: Urban Design is neither big architecture nor limited to urban landscape issues. It does not operate solely at the interface between planning and architecture.

Why Urban Design is important?

1. Ecological Significance: Urban Design involves modifying the natural environment. It largely deals with the quality of built environment that are vital for preserving nature. It can be effected positively or negatively; more emphasis on pedestrian circulation; relevance of site (like contour site). Neighborhood concept – everything in 10 minutes reach by walking.

2. Economic Significance: Due to competition, quality of built environment is the key factor that significantly affects local, regional and international image of countries and sets the stage for all economic activity. As Harvey points out that there is string relationship between technological changes in the economic production and structural changes in the quality and production of urban spaces. Here we can consider the concept of smart cities (fully hi-tech designs just like in movie Ultraviolet).

3. Social and Cultural Significance: An important factor determining why people choose to visit, invest in or relocate to a particular place is the “atmosphere” or the “cultural” identity (eg- Chandigarh or Goa)

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