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Bioclimatic Architecture

Introduction to Bioclimatic Architecture

“Bioclimatic Architecture”, the term of environment friendly architecture has been mention in various phrases such as bioclimatic, green architecture or eco-friendly architecture. The meanings and definitions of it available are numerous whereas it simply means designing-using nature to the user’s benefit.

The primary focus and start of a green design should be least consumption of present world’s non -renewable resources. The use of renewable resources such as wind, water and sun can be optimized and shall prove cost effective in the long run.

The new terms apart, the concept has existed for time immemorial. The traditional and customary architectural features show the use of nature in the most apt way. On a basic note, they used the wind to ventilate through the built structure, sun for lighting, water for cooling and so on, thus saving on present day crushing mechanisms like air conditioners and other electricity drainers.

to be continued…

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