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Form and Function

Interdependence of Form and Function – Part2

Form is the manner to arrange and co-ordinate the various elements in a composition to achieve the harmonious

Regular Forms
Regular Forms

whole. It refers to the internal structure and the external outline and the principles that govern the unity in the whole composition. Form is basically the three dimensional aspect like a cube, sphere or a cylinder.

Types of forms -:

1. Regular Forms:-

It refers to the form whose parts are related to each other in an orderly manner such as a

Irregular Forms
Irregular Forms

cube, cylinder, sphere, triangle, etc. Solid Geometry plays a major part in these type of forms. All buildings planned in regular forms are more practical with efficient use of space.

2. Irregular Forms:-

It refers to the form whose parts are related to each other in an inconsistent manner and are abstract in nature.

3. Subtractive Forms:-

These kinds of forms are obtained by removing a portion from the whole volume of one form.

Subtractive Form
Subtractive Forms

4. Additive Forms:-

In this case, one or more subordinate forms are attached to each other and to the dominating form just like joining logo blocks.

5. Centralized Forms:-

Centralized Forms

In this case, secondary forms are arranged around a central dominating form such as Palm Islands, Dubai.

6. Linear Forms:-

In this case, forms are arranged in a linear manner along a line. these are symmetrical or asymmetrical. Eg – Bombay is a linear city as all the buildings are arranged along sea. Enclosures can be formed in between and can also be arranged vertically.

Linear Form
Linear Forms

7. Radial Forms:-

In these types of forms, linear forms are extended outwards from the central dominating form. It combines both the properties of the centralized forms as well as linear forms.

Radial Form
Radial Forms


Grid Form
Grid Forms

8. Grid Forms:-

In this case, two sets of the parallel lines intersect with each other, in layman’s language – a crisscross.

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