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what is architecture

What “Architecture” is about?

Hands that work… the minds that dream…
Form the force… triggers the strength within…
The spirit infused… together we glide…
And it makes me high… drifting through the light…

“Architecture” is not merely the task of designing and constructing structures, done to provide purposeful shelter. It is the learning from surroundings and giving the best to things left unexplored. It is the understanding and realization of the trust and confidence bestowed on us by the clients. It is an Art and Science to create spaces which are functionally compatible and aesthetically pleasing.

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  1. Good job.. Just keep going and enrich us with some more interesting facts.
    Best of Luck!!

  2. Great! Just keep the blog postings going on, will be back to get more information.

  3. is architecture good for girls??
    do i gave to join a firm or do i have to work independently?

    1. Hello,

      Architecture is such a field in which ratio of girls is more than the boys.
      The point is that it is upto whether you want to start your own practice or work under some firm. Their is no hard n fast rule that you have to open your company for that.

      1. are i sure the ratio of girls is more?
        as far as i know ratio of girls in india is lesser than that of boys..

    1. k.. thanks.. i am not sure whether i should take up architecture.. where do u study?? if i join a firm what will be my pay?? i have heared that students have to slog a lot in architecture?
      lease reply as soon as possible.. your answers will help me a lot..

    2. u didnt say where u are studying n i meant how much will i earn?