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Wood joints

Different Types of Wood Joints and Detailing

Wood Joints is a part of woodwork which a carpenter practices to join pieces of wood together to form complex products. There are a lot of different type of wood joints. Some of the joints are formed with self joining of wood pieces together while others require adhesives and nails. A worker uses a mortising machine to shape timber framing joints. Wooden joints include butt joint, mitre joint, dowel joint, dovetail joint, finger joint, mortise and tenon joint, tongue and groove joint, cross lap joint, etc. Some joints are formed using metal plates where wood alone cannot hold the load and the joints tends to break. Methods that are not considered traditional joinery have come about in modern times, largely to attempt to simplify the job of the woodworker for various reasons. These include biscuit joints and pocket hole joinery. (Source:

Let’s have a look at some of the wood joints and  detailing in terms of design and fixation. For more information on wood joinery, visit us at – Wood Details

Woodwork Details
Woodwork Details
Drawer Handle detail
Bed Post detail
Wooden Joinery details
Wooden Joinery Detail
Wood Joinery Detail -7
Dove tail joints
Dove Tail Joint