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Architectural Books

Here is a list of important books along with the links which you can and should read or go through in you architecture degree…

  1. History of Architecture by Sir Banister Fletcher, Andrew Saint
  2. Architecture: Form, Space and Order by Francis D.K. Ching
  3. The Seven Lamps of Architecture by John Ruskin
  4. The Ten Books of Architecture by Vitruvius Pollio
  5. The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard
  6. Analyzing Architecture by Simon Unwin
  7. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
  8. Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture by Robert Venturi
  9. A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction by Christopher Alexander
  10. Structure Systems by Heino Engel
  11. Constructing Architecture: Material, Processes, Structures by Andrea Deplazes
  12. Neufert: Architect’s Data by Ernst Neufert and Peter Neufert
  13. Architecture as Space by Bruno Zevi
  14. A Global History of Architecture by Francis D.K. Ching
  15. A Visual Dictionary of Architecture by Francis D.K. Ching
  16. La Humanization del espacio urbano: La vida social entre los edificios by Jan Gehl
  17. Notes on the synthesis of Form by Christopher Alexander
  18. The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs
  19. The Four Books of Architecture by Andrea Palladio
  20. A Field guide to American Houses by Virginia McAlester
  21. Architecture: Presence, Language, Place by Christian Norberg-Schulz
  22. Architectural Graphics Standards
  23. The New Urbanism: Toward an Architecture of Community by Peter Katz and Vincent Scully
  24. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture by Mathew Frederick
  25. Towards a New Architecture by Le Corbusier

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