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Renovate your home with venetian plaster

Renovate Your House With Extensive Range Of Venetian Plaster

Whether it is the construction of a new house or renovation of the existing one, homeowners want to design their dream home beautifully. Everyone wants their interiors to look stunning and elegant that will stand timeless, and won’t get old-fashioned with time. Just a stroke of an extensive range of Venetian plaster can transform the dull-looking wall into a beautiful and stylish one, hence it is the most popular choice among the homeowners for both residential and commercial buildings.

Not only the exquisite look for which Venetian plasters are known for, but they also stand the test of time without showing usual wear and tear. If you are looking for some proven renovating material, you should check out the extensive range of Venetian plaster. It is a specialty wall finish made from the mixture of marble dust and slaked lime. Although its origin can be dated back to the 16th century’s Venice where it was a popular choice for painting the walls, it has gained enough reputation in modern days as well.

Renovate Your House With Extensive Range Of Venetian Plaster
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Why Should You Prefer An Extensive Range Of Venetian Plaster For A House Renovation?

  • Ensures humidity regulation: Venetian plaster is well known for its hardness, and despite that, some of its variants come with a unique formulation that helps in regulating room temperature. An extensive range of Venetian plaster allows the moisture to escape from the underlying layer. This moisture evaporation controls the hot and humid conditions inside the house. If applied in the bathroom, plaster dries quickly without letting the moisture from trapping inside it.
  • Maintenance is easy: One thing that worries the most while choosing the construction material is how to maintain it. Every homeowner looks for such options, which are easier to clean and maintain. In the long run, Venetian plaster requires the least maintenance, and the reason behind is the variation of pigments that the plaster contains. It does not fade away with time. All it takes a stroke of occasional painting, and it will last longer than most other alternatives.
  • Provides a modern look: An extensive range of Venetian plaster perfectly suits any type of wall regardless it’s newly built or aged. Even a dull-looking wall can turn into an aesthetically appealing one with this plaster, and provide a modern touch to your house. A single stroke is enough to remove the old patches, dirt, and scratches from the bricks, walls, or stones.
  • Odorless: During the construction or renovation of the house, you can smell fumes of paints and plaster, which are sometimes pretty irritating as well as harmful to your health. Not with an extensive range of Venetian plaster as it consists of lime and marble dust, and therefore it does not cause the bad odor.
  • Long-lasting: None of the construction material can beat the durability and efficacy of the Venetian plaster. It features amazing interchangeable characteristics that provide an ultra-smooth and excellent finish to the wall. Over time, the plaster hardens, and as a result,the chances of shrinkage and cracks get lowered. As compared to the ordinary paint, the cost is a bit higher, but you save a substantial amount in maintenance over the years due to its unparalleled durability.
  • Eco-friendly: An extensive range of Venetian plaster comprises of natural elements. There are no chemical agents, which makes it highly beneficial for the walls as well as your health. Lime creates an anti-bacterial base, which prevents the formation of mold and mildew. To maximize the protection and ensure insulation, you can further add gypsum to the material.
Home renovation with Venetian plaster
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These were the top-notch reasons why you should prefer Venetian plaster. For an elegant finish, you must approach the right renovating expert. They will be able to suggest some essential tips relating to the care and maintenance of Venetian plaster to transform your house without compromising the modern sophistication.

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