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6 Ways to Make Your Office Design More Efficient

6 Ways to Make Your Office Design More Efficient

Offices are probably one of the busiest places in any industry. Office design has a huge impact on how much gets done and it may seem like a simple concept but when you think about everything that has to go into the office space and the activities that will happen there every day, it evolves into something complicated. 

Importance of an Efficient Office Design 

Whether you’re setting up a home office or arranging cubicles for an entire office, understanding why having an efficient office design is important can help you make sense of it. A successful office interior design helps in creating more interaction, productivity and even eliciting a more positive work attitude from your employees. It may not be obvious but an efficient design helps enhance the productivity of the office. Additionally, it helps increase the satisfaction rate of employees. To create such an environment, a change in the traditional office design is necessary and this can be done by adding other features such as lounges and sitting areas.

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To make your office design efficient, here are 6 ways that you can consider.

Make it a Variety Office

In order to make a fun environment, some offices are now adopting a new kind of a “variety” office. This kind of office involves identifying the types of work activities that the employees have to undertake and then designing spaces for those activities. It can range from providing personal spaces that employees can customize to fit their preferences, social spaces for collaboration and bonding, and even “thinking rooms” for when individuals need some space and quiet.

Control the Noise Level

Noise in an office can disturb the workflow and it is probably the most common office complaint especially in open-plan offices. It can also lower productivity when employees are continuously bothered by noise. This can be remedied by installing sound-proof materials in your office. An example is by putting a sound-proof access door.

Improve the Lighting

When your employees can’t see properly, they won’t be able to work well. Aside from not being able to work properly, poor lighting can also cause eye strain, headache, fatigue, stress and other problems. One way to make your office design more efficient is to improve the lighting in your office. If possible, also provide access to natural light. 

Have Raised Ceilings

Another thing that you should consider to make your office design more efficient is to have raised ceilings. Having a high ceiling will help your employees feel freer and less suffocated while working.

Paint the Walls

No matter how big or small your office is, it is important to have color in your walls. Some research links colors to people’s emotions and productivity. Aside from providing a variety of workspaces, you can also provide a variety of color environments for different activities.

Think of Office Layout Safety and Comfort

This is the most important thing to make an efficient office. The office accommodation features can impact both employee and client safety and comfort. This includes positioning offices away from any hazards such as industrial work areas or stored chemicals to avoid injuries and accidents. It is advisable to position workstations with plenty of space around them to avoid employees from running into things when going around. Cords and other potential tripping hazards should also be hidden safely behind a floor access door. Moreover, layout design can also impact security especially when employees are working with sensitive files.

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