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Soundproofing Access Panel Doors

Soundproofing Through Access Panels


Whether it is an HVAC unit, noisy machinery or another office that seems to be so close you can hear every conversation – the solution is not to move out or complain (though that might help) one can choose to invest in soundproofing their space. Whether it is a commercial, industrial or residential property, soundproofing space through the use of access panels allows for double functionality. Depending on the location of where the insulation is to happen – soundproofing can be as basic as ensuring the rooms are insulated so that no noise can penetrate to ensuring certain pockets have thicker insulation to absorb the passing of sound. Unsure if you should soundproof?

Consider the following situations and scenarios:

Space is used by and for musicians

Whether it is the instruments, the singing and all that comes with making music, this is a case where insulation would be highly recommended.

Live or work in a high noise traffic area

Maybe you live beside a train track or busy road, maybe there is a lot of foot traffic noise, regardless of where the traffic is coming from this can be distracting and make focusing hard.

HVAC and building machinery/storage

HVAC units can emit a lot of sounds (especially if there is more than one machine), for some companies that have computer servers and such, these too can emit a buzzing sound that while some may see it as a white-noise, for others they can find it annoying. Soundproofing can absorb the sound and reduce noise transference. Soundproofing Access Panel Door

These are just a few examples of what would make having soundproof rooms important.

How does one know what kind of soundproofing is necessary?

If you are looking for a whole room to be insulated, then a contractor will be able to assist with choosing the right grade of insulation as well as properly installing it as well.

In the situation where you are looking to have soundproofing done but only in certain parts of a room or building while still maintaining functionality – this is where an access panel that’s soundproof comes in. Sound rated access panels are heavily insulated and can be installed on the floor, wall or ceiling. They allow for access to rooms or areas that require access either for maintenance or routine checks. Soundproof access panels are also great because they can be as small as a window or a large as a door – the preference is up to the client.

Installing a soundproof access panel does not require too much – not to mention that depending on the level of insulation, material and style they can be a relatively inexpensive solution to a noise problem. Of course, there are always the panels that are of higher grade and quality – typically these are soundproof panels found in studios and such, and can run a client in the thousands – regardless though, there is something for everyone at all levels of a price point.

The next time you hear sound travelling between spaces – consider the multifunctional, versatile soundproof access panels. Who says that silence has to be complicated or expensive?

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