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use of wood in home

How to Use More Wood in your Home

“Wood” – Most efficient material

With today’s growing environmental concerns, it is not surprising that some home owners want to build and add on to their homes using a material that is stylish, environmentally friendly, and versatile in utility. This material is wood. Since it comes from trees, it is one of the most natural products that is regularly used in homes today. This article provides a list of ways that wood can be integrated within your home.

wood window framesWooden Window Frames

Not only is wood economically friendly, but it is very stylish. As well, with the right carpenter, wood can be designed to fit just about any space. Windows are an excellent place to use wood. Wooden window frames are not only energy efficient, but they are also long-lasting. Since a well-seasoned wood hardly expands and contracts with changing temperature and keeps heat or cool air in, it is a promising material for window frames.

Hard Wood Floors

House flooring is subject to lots of stress and temperature effects. There is nothing worse than crooked or bowed flooring. Well, with the low coefficient of expansion, wooden flooring will not only look nice, but it will also hold up to rising heat and swift, cool air conditioning.

Banisters and Stairs

Banisters and stairs are a combination that requires matching styles in order to stylistically fit into a home. Since wood can be modeled in an endless amount of ways and can be painted any desired color, wood finds itself useful for stairs and banisters. From intricate carvings to simple designs, a banister with matching stairs can make a home really pop.carved wooden window frame


Wood is also very versatile in style and function. Wooden shelves offer the advantage of style, but also the ability to put them just about anywhere in the home. Whether it is a bookshelf up against a wall or a hanging shelf above a fireplace, wooden shelves can be cut as thick or thin as desired and bolted, screwed, or placed in any area of the home.

Furniture and Decor Items

As wood can be cut and carved in any shape, it is extensively used in making elegant and comfortable furniture. Base of most of the furniture pieces is preferred in wooden frame.

It wouldn’t save any trees but it would help environment by reducing carbon footprint by using wood in home. As well, wood gives more stylistic options that can greatly enhance the flow and appearance of a house.

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