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air conditioning repair

The Commonest Air Conditioning System Repair Issues?

Air Conditioning System Repairs

Once the spring season is gone, the high heat of summer soon stares you in the face. In the unbearable heat of the summer months, you rely on your good, old air-conditioner to keep you comfortable. However, it is common for air conditioning systems to break down often and fail to operate properly when you need them the most. Find out about some of the commonest AC repair issues that need you to call up professional air conditioner repair technicians for service.

Insufficient cooling

Air conditioning
Air conditioning

If your AC fails to cool your home as nicely as before or you find a sudden drop in its capacity to keep your home cool, you possibly need AC repair services. The underlying issue can be anything like:

  • A clogged or dirty air filter
  • A mechanical issue with the blower motor
  • A frozen coil

It is essential to opt for immediate repair to avoid further damage.

Frozen coils

A clogged air filter is possibly the commonest cause for a frozen evaporator coil. As one is close to the other, inability of cool air to pass through the air filter can cause accumulation in the air handler. This can lead to frosting of the coil. There can be an issue with the blower motor too. A frozen coil can be reflective of an airflow problem, a blocked return air ductwork, or obstructions due to dirty air filters. Moreover, low refrigerant can lead to frozen indoor coils in your air conditioning system.

Air conditioning
Air conditioning

Hot spots

The problem arises due to insufficient cooling, especially due to insufficient cooling in a specific part of your house. Inability of your AC to cool down a specific corner might occur due to an imbalance of the system. A leak or crack in the AC ductwork can be the underlying problem. In case, the ducts are unable to extract hot air and refill cool air properly, the cool air might be unable to reach specific areas of your house. You might need to adjust your air handler. If you have a zone control system, then there might be possibility that any of the electric AC dampers be stuck.

Dirty air filter

A clogged or dirty filter can limit airflow through your AC and reduces its efficiency. Its ability to cool air effectively can hamper consequently. It is important to clean the filter in your AC system after every 1 – 2 weeks or so. AC repair technicians usually recommend changing of air conditioner filters at least once every month, particularly in homes with pets or in establishments where AC units run continuously.

Air conditioning
Air conditioning

Leaking in of warm air

If the room feels warm, check the window seals surrounding the AC unit to ensure that there is no outflow of cool air or inflow of warm air. If that is the case, use bits of weather stripping to reseal the seals around the AC system.

Flawed wiring

It is risky to have uncertified or haphazard A/C wiring, which can even lead to potential fire hazards. Faulty wiring can cause the circuit breaker to trip or even prevent your AC from drawing power.

Outside fan not working

The outside fan of your AC unit transfers heat from your room to the outside. In case, the fan on your outside unit is not performing well, heat transfer cannot occur properly. The compressor of your AC system can get overheated and the safety overload may even trip. The compressor might also suffer internal damages.

Therefore, it is a good idea to call an AC technician for routine service at least once every year before summer to explore possible issues in your air conditioning unit that might need repair.

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