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causes of blocked drains

What Are the Causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains – 

A blocked drain can disrupt your routine. This is one thing which most homeowners dread as it is not only messy but also unhygienic. Opting for professional help in such a situation is advisable as this ensures that the blocked drain is fixed immediately and the plumber sees to it that you do not face similar problems soon. If a kitchen sink is draining slowly or if you hear a gurgling sound from your bathroom or toilet, you can be sure that the drain is blocked. If not attended to immediately, you might end up having a totally blocked drain. Ensure that this problem is considered without any delays. Let us look at some of the causes of blocked drains.

causes of blocked drains

Here are some of the causes of blocked drains –

Heavy Storms and Rains

Drains get heavily loaded during rains. Rains may washout a lot of debris. These drains may not be designed to take this pressure of the water. You must make sure that the gutters are cleaned routinely before the rainy season so that you do not end up with clogged drains when it rains.

Leaves and Trees

Leaves that fall into the drain overtime can accumulate and cause blocks, especially if the drain has a bend. Besides the leaves, you also have problems caused by roots of the trees which tend to find its way through small leaks due to the moisture around them. This leads to a cracked pipe. Maintenance of your garden on a routine basis is the answer to this problem.


Trying to drain off the grease in the kitchen sink is a big ‘NO’. This lets gunk accumulate over a period. This grease tends to build up inside the pipes and gradually lead to a blockage. Instead of waiting for this to happen and then go through the trouble of clearing it, it is advisable to ensure that no grease is poured down your kitchen sink.

Structural Error

A drainage system which is not properly installed can be a cause of blocked drains. This needs to be considered before making any decision. It is advisable to get this inspected at the earliest. A drainage system needs ‘quality’ pipes. Trying to save money by using too many spare or old cut pieces of PVC pipes leads to having many joints. These joints encourage gradual buildup of gunk which later lead to blockages.


Accumulation of hair over a period is what causes the blockage. Ensure your drains are cleaned in a routine manner so that this cause can be eliminated. Initially, the draining of water might be slow, but if neglected, can lead to a major block. Use a strainer to prevent hair from being washed into the drain. Clean the strainer routinely so that hair clumps that is caught by the strainer is removed before it begins to clog.

Foreign Objects

There are possibilities that foreign objects are being flushed down the toilet without your knowledge. Ensure that no big items or even small toys are put in the toilets to save you the trouble of clearing a blockage.

Broken Pipes

A cracked pipe which has not been detected well on time can be one of the causes of a blockage. A regular inspection can eliminate this problem. The pipe either needs to be repaired or replaced, depending on the damage done. Leaking pipes and drains we well as blocked drains can cause damage to the building structure over time. Prolonged exposure to moisture can damage the mortar as well as any wooden or plywood furnishing close to it. Moist wood or plywood is breeding ground for mold.

It is advisable to seek professional help for clearing up any blockages either in your bathroom or even the kitchen. Experienced professionals can detect the root cause and clear the drain accordingly. It is advisable not to delay this as it can lead to major problems in the long run. Ask around and find out plumbers who can do the clearing of drains in a professional manner at a reasonable price.

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