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ceiling led downlights

Brighten Your Home with Good Quality LED Downlights

Currently, a new energy-efficient lighting choice is introduced very frequently. Initially, compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s) were used followed by improved CFL’s with more advantages and at present LED downlights were introduced.

There are many different types of LED downlights to consider even if the user wants to buy only bulbs. Since the bulb must fit in every lamp, it is very crucial to keep a close eye on the bulb’s shape, base, size, and configuration, which matches the bulb that needs to be replaced. Also, it is equally important to consider the color and intensity of the light and the room.

LED downlights

Which are the areas where you can install the LED downlights?

  • For Living Room: If LED downlights are being considered for the living room, warm white is usually the preferred option, and the cooler tones can make the room look less appealing.
    • Blue, red, green LED downlight bulbs are available, too. This can be used in decorative lamps or inside false ceilings to provide a different look.
  • For Bedroom: It’s very crucial to have the right kind of lighting in the bedroom. Ensure that the right kind of fixtures is present for the bulbs to fit in.LED downlights for bedroom
    • Round and Square Ceiling LED downlights Panel – White colored LED lights brighten up the bedrooms. These lights are round in shape and they are suitable to be fitted on the ceilings of the bedrooms. Also, they come with a LED drives (designed with new, cutting-edge tech). The main advantage of this is that it is durable and eco-friendly.

Special LED downlight Bulbs for reading –  This is a blessing for all book lovers. It protects the eyes from problems arising out of using CFL bulbs.

LED table lampNeck Reading LED downlight lamps For Reading – Light whenever needs can be availed with the help of Hug light, the flexible light that can bend and twist. This can be hanged around an individual’s neck or even coiled into a snake stand next to it.

  • For Bathroom – The appearance of the bathrooms can be transformed into an awesome place using LED lighting. The LED lights improve the brightness of the bathrooms.
    • These LED bulbs cut down the heat and power output while still giving enough light that improves the brightness.bathroom LED downlights

This is because the lamps that have LED lights consumes only 1 watt power. It can easily last for over 30,000 hours (more than 10 years at the rate of 8 hours of usage per day).

The LED downlights are wireless and you can use them to decorate your garden:

  • Using light sensor activated light that is wireless and can be used in cabinets, garage, bathrooms and basements. These can be stuck on or peeled on or screwed on a specific fixture.
  • For the Garden – It is preferable to use Solar LED downlights to light up the garden during the night. These lights harness the sun energy excellently, which in turn makes them highly sustainable & eco-friendly.
    • These solar-powered garden lights use and store the power of sun and provide lighting for walkways, gardens, flower beds, driveways, and lawns. The stakes can be placed in the ground and that’s about it. These lights automatically turn themselves on during dusk. These lights are more versatile because of their ability to stand rain, wind, snow, rain, ice and all other natural elements.

LED downlights for gardenYou can use a set of 2 Dp 21 LED emergency light with 5 hrs backup which can be purchased for emergency situations like power outages.

(Note: Images have been taken from shutterstock and google image gallery)

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